Transformational Thinking

Transformational Thinking

Transformational Thinking is an approach to life, work, and play, which is based on personal accountability, authenticity and vision. It connects who you are, with how you perform.

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Young People’s Leadership Academy

Young People’s Leadership Academy

The Young People's Leadership Academy is an innovative Performance and Development programme, suitable for ages 14 - 24. Young People's Leadership Academy provides them with the necessary tools to make good decisions and facilitates the self-leadership skills needed to be successful

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Every Teacher  Matters®

Every Teacher Matters®

A range of high-impact tailored services for teachers to enhance their  communication and leadership skills and to better cope with the intensity of life in 21st century schools. It’s all about increasing overall effectiveness

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Excelsior Development

Excelsior Development

Working in partnership with you to develop and enhance the effectiveness at all levels within your organisation. One programme,many techniques, all continuously evaluated.

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Are you performing at your best?

Is your organisation working as effectively as it needs to be ?

Are your colleagues as motivated as you would like? Are you?

Is there a clear sense of purpose and direction?

How is the leadership? Too much managing, not enough leading?

Could the teams be working together more productively? More proactively ?

Would you like some help ?

What we do.....

We create and deliver high-impact development programmes designed to improve and enhance overall effectiveness. They work on a personal, team and organisational level. All the services within the programmes truly help elevate professional and personal performances.

Each programme can be fully tailored to meet your needs whether you are in the public or private sector.

Part of the tailoring process is to determine the most relevant means to help you achieve your goals and create short-term and long-term effectiveness. How and where and how often it is delivered is all part of the mix. It’s about working in a way that is best for the you.

Go to programmes to find out the most relevant one for you. Please contact us if you need to discuss possible options.

Your Benefits…..

Actually there will always be plenty, some of which will be specific to you and your circumstances. However there are a few generic ones that regularly occur:

  • Enhanced performances
  • Greater clarity
  • Better decision making
  • Improved communications
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased levels of motivation

Contact Us Now..

Take a look at the summary of programmes then call us on 07793 281079 or email us at for a more detailed discussion on how we can work together to enhance performances.

What our clients say

"Professionalism, openness, trust and motivation - just a few of the qualities Robin demonstrates when coaching. Irrespective of your fears ...
Debbie Lloyd-Smith, Head of ICT Division, S.Com Group Ltd